As a not so wealthy student leaving home, I moved into the basement room of a share house to be closer to campus.  The old weatherboard shanty on the beach of Wollongong Harbour was a year from being demolished and the room was tiny and ugly. An equally tiny, unoccupied room layed behind it.  I thought it a spectacular idea to knock the separating brick down and paint the walls with scenes from the seascape across the road.  The kitchen floor above collapsed a month later and the house was vacated. Inspired by a decade of living amoung the graffitti and mural artists in and around Sydney, and a very talented muralist in Texas, Craig Grimstone -, I love to transform an otherwise dead space into a feature.   Imagine sitting sipping a Daquari as you gaze out over a beautiful Hawaiian sunset in your own garage!  A profile view of you in your sun lounge toasting the spot where the push bike used to hang might have the neighbours concerned, but stuff 'em.  Let them buy plane tickets!

~ Having your boss and her partner over for dinner and don't know what to talk about?
Have your table muralled and you won't shut them up!

~ Worried about your Other Half finding the house after their Staff Xmas party?
disguise it by having the fence turned into a rainforest!

~ Want to develop your child's imagination?
Teach them the meaning of "Supporting Wall", and have me turn their bedroom into a wonderland!

Prices and sizes : Negotiable

Equipment hire such as scaffolding is an additional cost.

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